Nokian tyres HakkaPELIITTA 9 SUV

Adhérence équilibrée, stable et confortable à conduire

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Adhérence équilibrée, stable et confortable à conduire

Pneu hiver Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV avec crampons procure une adhérence et des performances élevées dans les conditions hivernales les plus exigeantes. La technologie de flanc avec aramide maximise la durabilité du pneu.

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Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
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Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV

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La note 4.4 repose sur les avis de 179 utilisateurs

Great tire for the most part

kurtm • 17 mois il y a

Myself and two friends all bought these hakki p's two years ago and have come to about the same conclusion. These are on a 2011 F-150. I have approximately 10K miles on them and I would say the tread is about 70%. I have driven them in weather only 40 degrees F (about 4 degrees C) or lower. Pros: The dynamic handling and braking abilities of these tires are unreal. With my snowbike in the back and driving reasonably I rarely even put the pickup in 4wd and feel very confident. When in 4wd my ice driving confidence is excellent and helps ease stress on icy roads. During my loss of traction exercises (I'm an adult now so it's not drifting) the tires made the vehicle feel very stable and steerable, so given a real loss of traction incident I wouldn't be too worried. Cons: I have not been impressed with the acceleration from a stop in 2wd. Whether it's just some heavy frost or a nice icepack the tires seem to spin more than I would expect them too. It's not really a big deal or the reason you buy these, but it is something to note. Just like other reviews they are noisy, but that isn't a huge deal to me. My set of tires became unbalanced fairly quickly also. They started getting pretty bad after about 5K miles. I rotated them at 5K and again at 8K, by 10K I took them in to get rebalanced and now they feel like new again. All in all I've been very happy with these tires and on a light, well-balanced SUV I'm sure they would perform even better than on a pickup.

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Très bon pneu. Extrême adhérence sur la glace.

Ciboule029 • 2 ans il y a

Je dois accéder à mon chalet en période d'hiver. Le chemin n'est pas très bien entretenu. Dans la neige le pneu a une excellente adhérence. Sur la glace l'adhérence est extrême. J'ai fais plusieurs essais sur des pentes glacées n'ayant aucun abrasif. J'arrêtais dans la pente ayant une bonne inclinaison et en redémarrant les pneus ont gratté (environ 1/4 de tour) sur la glace pour avancer sans aucun problème par la suite. Je suis extrêmement satisfait. Par contre à cause des crampons en métal, le pneu est un peu bruyant.

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These things are GRIPPY!!!

Sitka • 3 ans il y a

I live at the bottom of a quarter mile twisty, Turney, gravel drive that climbs 200 feet. I plow it in the winter with an ATV and chains. With these tires my Land Cruiser has never spun a wheel. Supper grippy. Studs really are something else. Well worth the $$.

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Best you can get so for VW Touareg.

JCart • 3 ans il y a

This will be third winter for Hak SUV 9s in 255/60/18s on the Wife’s 2012 Diesel Touareg. We drive lots in the winter in the Interior of B.C. Canada, all road conditions from black ice to deep snow, twisty ice covered gravel to the notorious Coquihalla high speed freeway that shuts down to bad weather regularly. These Hak SUV 9s on this tuned TDi Touareg are an excellent winter combination. We are not concerned to drive in any weather condition, any speed with these on her rig. Best winter tire with factory studs you can equip your SUV with. Have seen many many SUVs in the ditch, rolled in the winter due to all seasons and lessor “winter tires”. Easiest way to protect your family during winter driving, is to stay off the roads or buy Hak SUV 9, with factory studs period...

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A Wise Investment!

BluErick • 3 ans il y a

I bought these for my 2016 Mazda CX-5 GT and they improved winter drivability immensely. Ice, snow, slush.... throw it all at me. These tires get traction through it all! I'm very happy and will stick to Nokian tires going forward for all my vehicles.

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Amazing tire!

dph2019 • 3 ans il y a

I bought a 2019 Outback which I use to travel back and forth from CT to VT every weekend. Our home there is on a mountain road and ice becomes an issue. Bad weather and I still need to get to the mountain to teach so inferior tires are not an excuse! These tires got me up and down those mountain roads with not a slide to be had! HIGHLY recommend for anyone who wants added piece of mind. Have another set of Nokian studded on another Outback I sent my son to the Denver area with and again, amazing! They are hands down the best...way to go Nokian! (PS here in CT they think I am crazy but, I am just safety conscious and not crazy!)

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Superb grip

kejimkujik • 3 ans il y a

This is my second winter running these Hakkas on my 2018 Subaru Outback and they help me accelerate off the line faster than any other vehicle on ice or snow. It's funny looking back in my rearview mirror and seeing cars, SUVs or trucks half a block, or more, behind me struggling to get traction. Yes they are a little louder than non-studded tires and aren't great at stopping on dry asphalt but most of my friends are now convinced studded tires are there only way to go in Alberta.

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Incredible traction

WillfromBend • 3 ans il y a

I bought these for my 2018 Honda Pilot last winter, and I have never regretted that decision. Our roads have been particularly icy this winter, and cars are sliding off the roads left and right. With these tires, ice is not an issue at all. Driving at reasonable speeds (no tire will save you if you speed on ice), I have yet to feel any significant slipping. If you are able to spend a little extra to get a set of these tires, you will find it is money well spent when those icy days/nights arrive. PS, I have had very few studs come out over the course of 2 winters, especially compared with other studded tires I have owned.

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terrible quality control on this tire.

Mark357 • 4 ans il y a

Terrible quality control for these tires. Studs are falling out one by one as the winter wears on. They were no problem the 1st winter but now they fall out daily. We have purchased many sets of Nokian tires over the past 5 years most are studded and were 110%. Now after this issue we won't be purchasing their products from now on. Very disappointing product.

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2017 Nissan Pathfinder

UtahTireMan • 4 ans il y a

I have run dedicated snow tires on my wife's car for years. When we purchased a newer car last year and was on the hunt for a new set of snow tires, I happened upon the Nokian brand. After looking through all the reviews and videos that I could find I decided on a set of the Hakkapelitta 9 SUV tires. We got a lot of snow last winter and I was extremely impressed with how these tires function in all conditions. I live in Utah and travel mountain passes in Utah and Colorado quite frequently. Even on warm dry roads they hold together well and don't get too squishy feeling like some other snow tires. They are very noisy, but i knew that going into it they would be. When you run any winter/snow tire you need to realize that they have a few drawbacks to consider, such as noise and potentially decreased fuel economy. I would recommend these tires to anyone and have already recommended to many. I feel so much better with these tires on while transporting my family in winter conditions.

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charge max. 850 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h

215/70 R 16 100T

charge max. 800 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h

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Les conducteurs de véhicules électriques et hybrides recherchent une expérience de conduite agréable et écoresponsable. Ils souhaitent se doter d'un pneu sécuritaire qui leur permettra de parcourir les routes en tout confort pour plusieurs année à venir. La sécurité et la durabilité sont des valeurs chères à Nokian Tyres, qui s'assure de construire des pneus haut de gamme offrant tranquilité d'esprit dans toutes les conditions météorologiques. Mieux encore, Nokian Tyres innove continuellement afin de proposer des solutions durables permettant de répondre aux besoins uniques des véhicules électriques.


Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires have a unique, patented double stud grip. The two different types of studs have an optimal grip in both curves and straight stretches.


Solidité unique

La gomme des parois latérales contiennent des fibres en aramide discontinues extrêmement résistantes. Ce même matériau est déjà utilisé par l'industrie aéronautique et militaire. Les fibres d'aramide renforcent énormément la paroi latérale qui résiste ainsi mieux aux dommages et aux entailles.


Extreme winter grip

A dedicated, tailored stud for the centre of the tread and a separate stud for the shoulder areas. In addition to excellent longitudinal grip, the different studs that operate with natural efficiency during braking, acceleration and cornering ensure supreme lateral grip on icy and snowy surfaces.


Snow Grip Booster

Excellent grip on snow

The cuts on both sides of the middle blocks on the centre of the tread provide more sharp edges that improve grip on snow.


Balanced and precise driving feel means more enjoyable kilometres

The strong High Tensile Steel belt structure makes the structure light but hard, which can be felt as precise handling during evasions and lane changes, even at higher speeds. Improved cut and puncture resistance also improve the mileage.



Si vous n’êtes pas pleinement satisfaits de la performance de vos pneus Nokian Tyres dans les 30 jours suivant votre achat , il vous suffit de les retourner chez votre détaillant avec votre preuve d'achat.

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Auto Motor & Sport 22/2018

Si certains pneus pour VUS méritent de porter le titre de « Roi des Nordiques », il devrait en être de même pour ce pneu finlandais. Direction exacte et sécuritaire sur la neige et sur la glace. Le pneu est un bon exemple d'un haut niveau de sécurité. Excellentes propriétés de freinage et de direction sur l'asphalte mouillé et sec.

Gagnant des essais

Motorföraren 7/2018

Sans aucun doute le meilleur pneu d'hiver nordique. Direction exacte et sécurité dans la neige et sur la glace. Très haut niveau de sécurité. Propriétés de freinage et de direction exceptionnelles sur l'asphalte mouillé et sec.

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