Nokian tyres NORDMAN 7

Tout simplement fiable pour des conditions hivernales changeantes

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Tout simplement fiable pour des conditions hivernales changeantes.

Le tout nouveau pneu hiver, fiable et durable, Nokian Tyres Nordman 7 avec crampons, procure une conduite confortable et sécuritaire dans les conditions changeantes des hivers nordiques. Offerts cramponnés de l’usine ou sans crampons.

Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
Nordman 7

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Best of the best!

snowcross • 10 mois il y a

I don't like to drive in the snow but these tires did such a great job of gripping the road that I felt safe and they kept me from sliding. Thank you!

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First set of studded tires

Excalibr4 • 21 mois il y a

I just moved to Montana and was warned of the brutal winters here. I decided to buy a "winter car" (old Honda Accord)and had these installed on it. The tires feel fantastic! When stopping on ice they dig in and do the job. I have been driving on snow and ice for 50 years, but never experienced the security and safety of studded tires before.

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Best tires ever they handle and grip without studs that is like a banchee

Supermario77 • 22 mois il y a

I got them last year and they work great . Shouldent go with any other brand ever

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good tire at 1st but !

cinders • 23 mois il y a

had the tires at first good in snow but a little noisy after 2 year belts broke in all 4 tires about 1/2 worn felt like i had bent rims! had to throw them away !

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Thank you, Nokian

MelanieLeiann • 2 ans il y a

I wanted to say, "Thank you" to Nokian for producing such a well-rounded, balanced, and safe winter tire. Just yesterday, I gave a set of 4- Nordman 7’s to my Mom and Dad as their Christmas present. They will have them installed tomorrow, 12-7-2020. You should have seen their faces when I rolled one of the tires into the house! Priceless! I told them, "When you drive on Nokians, you will NEVER go back to anything else! They are in a league all their own!" Like I also told my mom, "Drive for the conditions, and when you need it, punch your AWD button and let the tires do the rest of the work. After all, that is what they are designed for!" Again, Nokian. “Thank You” for making my parent's drive a lot safer this year, as it can get pretty dicey at times up near the areas surrounding Mt. Rainier in WA. State.

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Confidence in Northern Ontario

Tmac22 • 2 ans il y a

I've used the Nordman 7 studded tires for the last two winters up here in Northern Ontario and have gained confidence with their performance. They hug the corners well and have great traction pulling away from a stopon snow and ice. I would highly recommend these studded tires to anyone.

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Best I’ve had so far

Blaker73 • 3 ans il y a

I have spent a lot of money on some of the top rated winter tires but this time I went with the studded Nokian Nordman 7 and I will never go back. On ice, these things make my van like a tank. On the highway, I find them surprisingly quiet. Frankly I didn’t even notice them. Absolutely no regrets in this first season.

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Great price great performance

Yakutsk14 • 3 ans il y a

I drive about 30 000km per winter and those tires are really durable. I have them non-Studded but I recommend the studded version which is better on the ice. It works great in deep snow, curves and braking. On the ice I can feel that the materiel is gripping thanks to the quality and components. I am living in Toronto and drive to Quebec City and Bay James often but for my budget it was the best deal. I am originally from the coldest city on earth in Siberia and even out there Nokian is the best seller.

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Do the job but noisy

Winterguy • 3 ans il y a

A little pricey but feel safe. Was a proper investment. Do the job, don't worry with these. Nice wear resistant, i've had way worst in the past. They just very noisy. Was instant shock. Happy with them but not sure i'll go nokian for my next set

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Very Disappointed!

namaste105 • 4 ans il y a

I paid $455.96 for four new Nokia Nordman 7 tires, without studs on November 13, 2018. I put 11,397 miles on them, over a period of less than six months. And today, the dealer that installed the tired informed me that the tires were down to 3/32" and should be replaced before next winter. One season oit of tires that cost me $459???!!! I won't bjy these tires again.

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155/80 R 13 79T

charge max. 437 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h

175/70 R 13 82T

charge max. 475 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h

155/65 R 14 75T

charge max. 387 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h

175/65 R 14 86T XL

charge max. 530 kg, jusqu’à 190 km/h


La technologie d’amortissement à air se traduit par un comportement routier souple et fluide clou a une

Le système Air Claw Technology fait référence à la combinaison d’un robuste clou en acier et d’amortisseurs en forme de gouttes disposés sur les rebords avant des pavés. Cette combinaison confère au pneu des caractéristiques d’adhérence très efficaces et une grande résistance de ses clous, tout en abaissant son niveau sonore et usant moins la chaussée.


La fixation solide du clou assure la fiabilité de l’adhérence au freinage.

Large, robuste et avec ses arêtes multiples, le clou en ancre est en acier ; il renforce l’adhérence longitudinale à l’accélération et au freinage. La base généreuse du clou le soutient et améliore l’adhérence latérale.


Réduit le risque d’aquaplanage

Le coin prismatique coupe efficacement la neige fondue entre le pneu et la chaussée, ce qui réduit le risque d’aquaplanage.


Accroissent l’adhérence au freinage

La griffe d’ours est une innovation maintenant le clou perpendiculaire à la chaussée en cas de freinage, en mettant le pavé sous tension de façon optimale. Robuste et avec ses arêtes multiples, le clou en ancre renforce quant à lui l’adhérence longitudinale à l’accélération et au freinage.


Offre davantage de kilomètres en toute sécurité que les techniques de cloutage traditionnelles

Le coussin absorbant situé entre le clou et le réceptacle préformé de ce dernier maintient les clous fermement en place sur le pneu.

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