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Confort du Nord

Le pneu hiver nordique non-clouté Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 offre l’équilibre parfait entre la sécurité et le confort. Le pneu s'adapte à tous les changements météorologiques, en offrant une adhérence constante et en permettant de maîtriser une conduite toujours agréable et précise. Le Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 reste le meilleur choix pour les conducteurs qui privilégient une sécurité de premier ordre ainsi qu'un confort de conduite unique et plus écologique.

Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
Utilisation hivernale officiellement approuvée
Freinage certifié sur les surfaces glacées
Freinage certifié sur les surfaces glacées
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Hakkapeliitta R3

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Best Winter Tire I've used

Naren • 2 mois il y a

I installed these tires in 2018 for my SUV and they have performed very well in CO winters.

je recommande ce produit

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Best winter tire for Alaska

Nosleepson • 15 mois il y a

Best experience! I stop quickly even if a light comes on last minute. The roads are all ice here and the intersections are a sheet of ice because of exhaust; I will continue to buy these tires because they make me feel invincible. You can feel the grip come in doing turns, where other cars spin. I had all-seasons before, and I slid a lot - had to stop way before the light and hit a snow berm on all-seasons because a car slammed on its breaks, and I couldn’t stop. I will buy these studded tires again and again.

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Charlie7019 • 24 mois il y a

The best winter tires ever snow or ice. On AWD they are invisible .

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Awesome winter tire

Subieguy21 • 24 mois il y a

I have tried winter tires from other companies and these have been the best tire I have used yet. A lot of grip on snow and slushy roads - goes through the snow like its not even there. I've noticed very-little-to-no road noise from these tires and mpg has dropped very little. Very happy customer and will continue to purchase Nokian Tyres. Tires are on a 2010 Subaru Forester.

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Love my Nokian Tyres!!

ashquacks • 2 ans il y a

I don't think anyone can deny that Nokians are definitely not cheap, especially compared to the many no-name winters out there nowadays. However after switching from a set of them to the R3's, I can tell you that they are absolutely worth the premium if you want utmost safety and live in a harsh winter climate like here in Canada. The difference in grip on snow and ice is night and day and they are much quieter. Best of all, there is very little reduction in the range of my EV (electric vehicle) after changing over from summers, compared to the cheap winters that caused a noticable hit. Nokian clearly designed this tire very well, with low rolling resistance but also incredible winter performance, now that's impressive.

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Better than all-seasons!

KeyID0876 • 2 ans il y a

I drove these in a few severe winter driving conditions. The snow on the road was 5-6" with ice underneath. I could barely steer but I kept going driving around all the stuck cars. The reason I couldn't steer is because my Fusion is low to the ground and was getting high drag from the snow. If it was just a couple inches higher it would of been easier. Another time the roads were slick and going downhill the traffic light changed. The car in front of me slid through the light. The car behind me I saw was out of control so I bailed to the center lane as he hit the concrete barrier wall. I came to a controlled stop at the traffic light. Winter tires are a must otherwise I would of been stranded a few times already.

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Made my BMW i3 safe in the winter

donallen • 2 ans il y a

The BMW i3 is a fantastic EV, a brilliant design that BMW is now abandoning in order to cater to American "taste" for enormous vehicles (noticed any problems with the weather lately?). But, the standard Bridgestone tires on the i3 make the car positively dangerous to drive in the winter. Traction on snowy roads is non-existent, which not only affected forward motion but, crucially, steering control. After one particularly scary incident, I looked into buying winter tires for the car. Nokians were very well reviewed, so I bought a set. They absolutely transformed the car; it is now as safe to drive in the snow as any car I've ever owned.

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Not as good as studded tires

Studded Snow Tire Fan • 2 ans il y a

Interestingly, we have had a terrible winter so far on the Coast of the Pacific Northwest. Where I live, we generally get a week's worth of snow in late March/early April...but not this year! The roads have just been awful! What makes them so bad is that we will have days like today...42 degrees, which will partially thaw everything out, followed by a deep freeze later tonight, followed by more snow. So, this year has been bad. But, about the tires. I have been driving on Nokian winter tires for 11 years now. I purchased my first set of Hakkapeliitta 8's with studs and drove 6 seasons on them. FANTASTIC TIRES! Was sad to see them go! Then I changed to the R2's and got 3 seasons out of them, and I'm now on my second season driving on the R3's. Although the R2's and R3's are okay, they just can't, in my opinion, top the traction one gets with the Nokian studded snow tires. I got stuck in my own driveway last night and had to put traction mats down in front of my car just to get out! The R3's just spun. Wouldn't grip anything. Next winter, for added safety, I will probably be trading up to either the studded Hakkapeliitta 10's or the Nordman 7's.. As for performance, the R3's are not bad for snow! The R3's are actually good for driving in snow, but not so much in ice. I found them to be kind of unstable. They wobble. Yesterday morning, at around 2 1/2 miles per hour, I slid sideways through the stop sign at the bottom of my hill and was spinning my tires trying to get back up the same hill last night. Like I said..its been slick and icy here! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the R3's, but for me personally, I feel safer with the studs on my tires. So, next year, I will be trading up! And for the record, I think Nokian produces the best and most superior snow tire products on the market today. Oh, and to show my support, last year for a Christmas present, I purchased a set of studded Nordman 7’s for my parents. Its their second season driving on them and my parents LOVE the tires! They are FANTATSIC tires! And they get more snow down there where they live and I than I do where I live! :)

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Best winter tire!

Likawlf • 2 ans il y a

Had a set for my Subaru Tribeca And got a set for my 2021 BMW X3 M40i x drive People need to learn the difference between a winter tire vs a all weather tire My winter tires keep me safe on the road and the best feeling is when you see big 4x4 trucks stuck in the snow and my lil suv just keeps on mobbing thru the snow like a beast

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Outstanding on Ice and snow.

Mojave • 2 ans il y a

Spokane WA, Ice and snow, no match for this tire. I slipped in chains where I didn't slip at all with these tires. The compound is that good. Amazing grip and handling. Smooth tire, no noise I could detect. Safety is worth the extra and the Hakkapeliitta R3 is worth every penny.

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175/65 R 14 82R

charge max. 475 kg, jusqu’à 170 km/h

185/65 R 14 86R

charge max. 530 kg, jusqu’à 170 km/h

165/60 R 15 81R XL

charge max. 462 kg, jusqu’à 170 km/h

175/65 R 15 84R

charge max. 500 kg, jusqu’à 170 km/h


Les conducteurs de véhicules électriques et hybrides recherchent une expérience de conduite agréable et écoresponsable. Ils souhaitent se doter d'un pneu sécuritaire qui leur permettra de parcourir les routes en tout confort pour plusieurs année à venir. La sécurité et la durabilité sont des valeurs chères à Nokian Tyres, qui s'assure de construire des pneus haut de gamme offrant tranquilité d'esprit dans toutes les conditions météorologiques. Mieux encore, Nokian Tyres innove continuellement afin de proposer des solutions durables permettant de répondre aux besoins uniques des véhicules électriques.


Pneu hiver non clouté Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 offre une tranquillité et sérénité face aux tempêtes de neige soudaines ou à des routes devenant rapidement verglaçantes. 


Adhérence en hiver de premier ordre, tenue de route plus confortable

Les différentes lamelles s'adaptent à toutes les variations de la météo, offrant une adhérence constante et une conduite sereine, que vous contrôlerez avec plaisir. Des particules de Cryo Crystal 3 ont été ajoutées au mélange de caoutchouc afin d'améliorer l'adhérence sur la glace en s'agrippant à la surface de conduite.


Excellente adhérence sur la neige et le verglas

Les griffes à neige à multiples faces que l’on retrouve entre la bande de roulement et la zone d’épaulement, créent une adhérence équilibrée sur la neige et le verglas, particulièrement lors des freinages et des accélérations.



Si vous n’êtes pas pleinement satisfaits de la performance de vos pneus Nokian Tyres dans les 30 jours suivant votre achat , il vous suffit de les retourner chez votre détaillant avec votre preuve d'achat.

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 - Bancs d’essai remportés et avis de magazines

Gagnant des essais

Moottori 10/2018

Assure une conduite stable et facile, de même qu'une bonne réponse au volant sur la glace et sur la neige. Propriétés bien équilibrées également sur asphalte, comportement logique. Le niveau de bruit le plus bas parmi les pneus mis à l'essai.

3ème place

Aftonbladet 23.9.2018

Bonnes propriétés de conduite dans toutes les conditions climatiques. Courte distance de roulement. Facile à conduire sur la neige et sur la glace. . Excellentes performances de freinage sur l'asphalte. Un pneu bien équilibré.

2e place

Vi Bilägare 14/2018

Bonnes performances en conditions hivernales. D'impressionnantes propriétés de conduite dans la neige et sur la glace; son équilibre neutre optimise le comportement du véhicule dans les courbes. Haute performance sur asphalte mouillé avec courte distance de freinage et conduite facile sous pression.

2 ème ex-aequo

Tuulilasi 10/2018

Un pneu d'hiver fiable dans toutes les conditions. Propriétés de conduite bien équilibrées sur toutes les surfaces routières et sentiment de sécurité pour le conducteur.

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